I knock them down with a sanding sponge, and retouch with paint. 2. Anne, it is always best to add the magically Magnetic paint additive to a white primer/sealer paint and paint enough coats on the wall to give you the desired magnetic pull and then sand the magnetic paint lightly with 000 sand paper when dry. The first time I primed I poured into a tray and put the lid back on tight. Synthetic short-napped roller covers (1/4 inch) work best on most walls, ceilings, and trim. Sometimes this paint contains contaminants such as dirt, small bits of wood or dried pieces of coagulated paint. Repaint the section carefully, blending it in with the rest of the wall. You are probably too close to the object being painted or you are applying too much paint at a time. As you paint, the brush picks up pieces of debris that inevitably make their way back into the source can. Paint thickening and clumping/running on wall- Need help!! Painting Interior Walls ... pulling away only at the very end of the stroke to avoid clumping. Keep the paint brush you used for cutting in near you during this step. The handle should rest in the crook of your thumb, and your thumb and fingers should be grasping the metal band around the bristles. When a gritty surface is dry, rub down with a damp wet-and-dry abrasive paper until it is smooth, wipe clean, then apply a new coat of paint. Always paint with clean brushes and use a paint kettle. If you notice paint clumping up in the edges between panels, swipe down with the paint brush. Harder to paint in all the details of my cabinet doors. New paint brush is clumping. We have tried two different cans of Sherwin Williams Cashmere and Kilz Primer. Close. The fix. Don’t paint out of a can. Painting a room with bad latex paint … Many times, a lot of do-it-yourselfers find themselves having to stop painting every few minutes to remove these clumps from their paint. If you stop moving, the paint will be thicker there and tend to run. Make certain that leftover latex paint that has been in storage in your garage has not gone bad before using it. This will remove the excess paint and make your wall look smooth. Viewing colors on a small paint swatch can give a different visual impact than seeing them on a large wall. To fix them, wait until the paint has dried, then scrape the drips off the wall with a paint scraper and sand the area smooth. If it's too big to hold this way, hold it by the handle like a tennis racket. Strain old paint through a paint strainer or a pair of tights. Posted by 1 year ago. Use a paint shield or piece of card to guard against picking up dirt from a floor. Hold the spray can about 12" away from the object you are painting and keep the can moving. 2. The paint isn’t new but is only about a year old. Usually I catch these, but after the paint dries, I find 5-10 or so. ... Really not sure why paint nor primer is sticking to wall. How to Tell if Latex Paint Has Gone Bad. Luckily, you can solve this problem with the help of a simple paint strainer. The second time I did the same, so I don't think it's the primer drying out or anything like that. Usually, lumps on the walls I paint are due to paint splatter from the brush roller, as I paint a nearby area. Using two or three light coats will give you a better finish and dry quicker. Same results in all cases. Large surfaces tend to intensify color, and you might end up with a louder color than you intended.