Always wipe the surface of the glass with alcohol to remove any residual stickers or lint. If you email me directly I’ll send you more information about how to order, a sheet of instructions on how to work with the stencils and your name in 20 different fonts to choose from. Hello Misha, I will need your email address in order to email you. Wear gloves when rinsing the etching cream. the armor etch cream will let you etch most surfaces including rocks and ceramics so you can just test objects and see if you like the results. Wow! (I found this cream at Michael’s.) Tips and Tricks To Using Armour Etch! Will it work if I have to put it over the Pyrex name and dimensions or should I put it on the sides? It is best to use a permanent vinyl stencil for your glass etching. Which Cricut cartridge is the one you used for your font on your pyrex dish? Reveal the adhesive & put onto object to be etched. I've etched things before but this technique is much easier than what I tried! Hi. Keep the vinyl on and rinse off all the etching cream thoroughly. Then I peeled back the … =( Thinking maybe the glass is too tempered. I love the idea of etching pyrex dishes! Strictly speaking, etching is not a form of engraving but one where an acid paste and a stencil is used to create a matt finish on the glass. have you ever heard of a Microwave Potato Bag? If not, you only spent $1.00! For glass pieces to practice on, hit up the Dollar Store. Thanks for sharing.Take care and God Bless!!! CANNOT wait to try it! Then I noticed on the front bottom of myArmour Etch bottle It says it won’t etch some types of pyrex. Good image ideas include logos, clipart, and text. I’ve never heard about a Microwave Potato Bag, but it sounds interesting. We had them coming out our ears! I would like one that says Elizabeth & Taylor July 13, 2013 To put on the bottom of a pyrex. :) Mine is Or is there another way to import designs? How much is the pazzle, an where can you buy it? Leave the cream on the surface for 3 minutes, then wash it off. We used contact paper as a circle stencil of sorts and etched inside the circle. I absolutely love that idea! Thanks. If you need pre made stencils I can make them for you. I have etched inexpensive beer steins with first names for a rootbeer gift basket. This is a very basic tutorial on how to etch glass used primarily for simple craft projects. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Then, cut out your design from the contact paper and stick it onto the glass surface. Or how much it would cost for you to make me one. did you use a stencil for the letters? this is random! i have also made wedding champaign glasses and personalized mirrors and anything that can be thought of can be made into a stencil and etched. My last name is McGill. I love this- especially your design on the trifle bowl- whimsical and sweet! . I just posted a picture of a $2 mirror made into an awesome award. HAVE FUN! and your speed to med see if that works…you just got to play with the blade depth. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 90,987 times. thanks! thanks for sharing it :) so creative! The girls at our church did glass etched plates for a girl's camp fundraiser. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. If you have a computer & printer, you can center your text & choose a font large enough to be cut out & used as a stencil. You can see some of my creations here:, But…I am totally in love with the idea of putting your name on a dish.

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