Have I made myself clear? There's a home for sale -, "You're that one lives in Breezehome, right? I'm with the Guild. One of those horrors comes here, we'll be ready. How can I assist you? I am in Dragonsreach right now. ", "Now, I know who you are. PC. But that stronghold they've got in the southeast? Right here in Solitude. "No.. get that accursed mace away from me...", "That mace... get it away from me. Iron, solid and true. There appear to be no unique dialogue lines for Bretons. ", "Ah, now that's a fine shield. "Stop Right There, Criminal Scum" is a memorable quote uttered by the Imperial Guard in the 2006 video game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblvion. A peace council, attended by both Ulfric and Tullius, up on High Hrothgar. The return of the Dragonborn? Wish I could afford a house that nice. Guards and Soldiers "Stop right there, criminal scum! Safest city in, "Can't believe I'm posted here. Just look at this place. CATEGORY: GAMES RIGHTS: PERSONAL. ", "I have to wonder... what does the Dragonborn do once he's summoned by the, "If those Whiterun guards can take down a dragon, so can we. The guards all turn on me just as Adrianne dies and I land a final, fatal arrow into the Vampire. ", "The Empire didn't think we could take the Reach, but here we are. "I've no problem with Orcs. Small and evil, like something out of a nightmare. ", "Uch. Nice place, and why pay for an inn? You got stew for brains? ", "First Torygg and now Elisif. You should talk to the steward in the keep if you're interested. ", "My cousin's out fighting dragons, and what do I get? Smart. Frantically, I thought if I dropped the item right away that would pacify him, and the guard wouldn't come, so that's what I did....as SOON as the item left my inventory, the guard was right there. But that stronghold they've got in the southeast? ", "Markarth's a different place, now. "*, "Solitude is as glorious as they said it was. I looked all over goggle and found no solution. ", "Hmph. ", "Gotta keep my eyes open. "What in the name of Azura...?" Even the beds are made of stone. Such a horror...", "What a foul and unnatural weapon you wield. ", "Looks like it's really happening. Shiny. ", "They say Ulfric Stormcloak murdered the High King... with his voice! Damn college... Winterhold will never be the same. Best keep that in mind. "I fear the night. “Yes, Dovahkiin? ", "Iron sword, huh? It has inspired a number of video parodies and remixes, including a Skyrim mod that changes the audio played when performing a … "Stop right there... where have I seen you before? "One moment... you look familiar." Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. 'STOP! "Online, people use the phrases to express issues with another's conduct. The great evil has been vanquished! Get it away...", "Who did you have to kill to get that blade? I swear it. ", "That sapling you recovered means the Gildergreen will live again. ", "You're the one that saved the Fire Festival. Impressive. ", "You hear the news? A playlist featuring Equilibrium, Heidevolk, Powerwolf, and others It is my honor to stand before you. All thanks to you. Old, "Yesterday, I saw a dragon fly right over the city. ", "Uch. ", "Orcish armor, hmm? 1,053 2 2 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. ", "It is whispered that one of the Daedric Princes himself is behind the murder of Elisif. Forsworn have taken refuge in, "The Forsworn have been spotted to the north, near, "There's an evil to the north, friend, and its name is, "If you journey north, stay well away from, "City got attacked once by those damned bandits, come east across the lake, from, "Best not to go wandering east of the city. Head over to, "We got a nickname for anyone who trifles with us guards here in Windhelm - "Suicide." What are you killing, butterflies? And if I see you do it again, that someone will be you. You have saved this land... and our very souls. I'm confiscating your stolen goods. Now that's a solid choice of armor. It just would not land (I didn't have Dragonrend shout yet) and since I suck with bows, I used destruction spells to kill it. Headed northeast. PAY THE COURT A FINE OR SERVE YOUR SENTENCE! That's an honorable path you're on, friend. (Must be Thane in that hold), Any chance I could talk you into overlooking this? Conjure me up a warm bed, would you? ", "Ah, Aegisbane. Stop right there criminal scum! ", "The Imperials think us lawless beasts. Let's hope that Erikur fares better than they did. Well done. ", "They say that vampires attacked the Hall of the Vigilant. ", "Heard about you and your honeyed words...", "Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers. Those damn mages blew up Winterhold! Skyrim could use more healers. However, that makes it harder for them to be killed if one wants to loot them for their unique armor sets. ", "That's some fine Imperial armor you've got there. Not a chance we would have let that happen here. ", "Brigands I can handle, but this talk of dragons? SKYRIM QUOTES We are open for submissions and suggestions! ", "Filthy she-hound Elisif got what she deserved. Best not cause any trouble on my watch. Be lookin' for a fool if you ask me. . ", "Favor a steel sword, do ya? You're safe from them here. I salute you. Must be rememberin' wrong.". Never have I seen its like. ", "Just my luck, stuck in the sticks with this crazy old woman. Jakub Jakub. Only Falkreath Guards have this dialogue. ", "Best offense is a good defense, am I right? ", "Outsiders aren't trusted in Markarth. Apologizes to Captain Aldis for wearing Stormcloak Armor. But is there any way to prevent this from happening? Is this enough to clear my bounty? ", "It is the power of old! ", "Some advice, friend. Hear things have finally calmed down over there. City owes you a debt of gratitude. That blade looks sharp enough to cut through a god. See Belethor at his store. Been too long since we've had a good bandit raid. They'll murder us all, first chance they get. Skyrim Meme by ViannZhang on DeviantArt. Turned out to just be his double, but can you imagine if he had succeeded? If they hadn’t been looking for you I’d have stolen that horse and been halfway to Hammerfell. All of Skyrim benefits from their trade. So I pickpocketed a guard (who didn't even have a key) and I was caught. And such power? With the Imperials? World's gone mad, I say. ", "Ah, steel plate. Now they're nothing but braggarts and bullies, rotting to death down in their Ratway...", "If you're looking to settle in Riften, there's a house for sale -, "Smart thing you did, buying Honeyside. Never heard of vampires doing anything like that before. Keep your nose clean, and you won't have any problems with us. Sigil of Clan Shatter-Shield. Best skyrim guard quotes thanks again for helping reopen the east empire company. Friend, I owe you a drink. ", "The Imperials think we need their laws. Whether you get the first or second line depends upon how you complete the quest. ", "Hey, you mix potions, right? Never could get the hang of that. Wiped off the face of Tamriel. This took several days (stupid laziness ),but I did something nice at the end (maybe ). "Stop right there criminal scum" is a catchphrase derived from the town guards response to witnessing the player committing a crime in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The Emperor's been murdered. #skyrim #oblivion #elder scrolls #stop you violated the law #stop right there criminal scum I was making a YTP and decided to make a soundboard for the most well-known Oblivion guard lines. ", "Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard. ", "Who would dare attack the leader of the Companions? Zoomer364 wrote: ", "We couldn't have taken this city without you, sir. Guard duty. ", "Dangerous post, Dawnstar. Finally I did it! ", "Go fiddling with any locks around here, we're going to have a real problem. Guards Won't Stop Attacking Me - I Can't Yield. ", "That's good armor you've got there, friend. In Solitude, at her own damn wedding. Quote: A guard said "if it isn't the slayer of the glenmoril witches. Hard to believe, isn't it? ", "Aye, now that's some fine armor. By the gods, if the Dark Brotherhood can do that, nobody's safe...", "By the gods.

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